Interview: Caleb Landry Jones and Jojo T. Gibbs Talk DogMan

Last Updated on April 5, 2024

In the latest feature from Luc Besson, a young man seeks revenge in an original fashion. Caleb Landry Jones is fantastic as the DogMan. As ‘Douglas Munroe,’ the actor is given the chance to take on the role fearlessly. The story revolves around a man who was horribly abused. His love and appreciation of dogs follows him into his adult years, leaving him angry at the world around him. And thankfully, he trains man’s best friend to take care of other, not-so-nice, people in his life. The film also stars Jojo T. Gibbs and the two are terrific together.

Recently, we spoke with Caleb Landry Jones and Jojo T. Gibbs about the film. Caleb opened up about working with Luc Besson and taking on such a powerful role. For Ms. Gibbs, she discussed working with Caleb and both of the two seemingly found inspiration working off of each other. Luc Besson‘s latest is certainly original, and it’s also quite intense considering what this character and his dogs go through, especially in the flashbacks. Either way, this is an impressive feature, one that is original, intense, and thought-provoking. DogMan opens this weekend and is worth seeking out for Besson fans.

The film has the following synopsis: In DogMan, having just been arrested, Douglas opens his heart to tell the moving story of his life. As a survivor of childhood trauma, with a violent father who forces him to live in the family kennel, he develops a bond with dogs that defies understanding. Out of this hell, he grows to discover love, theatre, and cabaret, but also the injustice and disillusionment of the human world. In a life that’s been broken a thousand times, only the love of his dogs can bring salvation.

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