Machines are given the Kill Command in sci-fi thriller trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Kill Command Steven Gomez

If there is one thing sci-fi movies have made abundantly clear over the decades, it's that machines just cannot be trusted. With his feature writing and directing debut, visual effects artist Steven Gomez is looking to drive that point home even further.

Gomez's film is called KILL COMMAND and has been described as "PREDATOR meets THE TERMINATOR". Its synopsis goes like this:

Set in the very near future, an elite squad of highly trained marines, led by commanding officer Captain Bukes (Thure Lindhardt) are sent on a routine training exercise to a remote island – the precise location of which no one knows and from which all communications are cut off dead. 

Accompanying them on the mission is 'tech head' Specialist Mills (Vanessa Kirby), a mysterious coder whose brain is interfaced with a computer. What the unit soon discovers when they reach the island is that the exercise is far from routine – they become live targets of terrifyingly advanced military robots and Mills is somehow involved in the conspiracy. But they also know that they need Mills' technology to survive the brutal situation they find themselves in. 

Cut off and facing certain death, the marines must fight for their lives to survive. At the same time they must work out who and what Mills really is – and whose side she is really on.

Watching people get tracked down my murder machines sounds like a fun movie-watching experience to me (I certainly enjoyed it in CHOPPING MALL), and the trailer makes the film look pretty cool. It definitely appears to have benefited from having an effects artist at the helm.

Vertical Entertainment will be releasing KILL COMMAND into theatres on November 25th.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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