Maisie Williams hopes to survive a house of horrors in The Owners trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Looks can certainly be deceiving, especially when an innocent-looking geriatric couple reveals themselves as deranged murderers that are hell-bent on killing you and all your friends.

Welcome to RLJE's trailer for THE OWNERS, an upcoming horror-thriller starring GAME OF THRONES actress Maisie Williams as a not-so-innocent bystander involved in a dark and twisted home invasion. In the film, a group of friends thinks they've found an easy score at an empty house with a safe full of cash. But when the owners, an elderly couple, come home early, the tables are suddenly turned for the worse.

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Directed and co-written by Julius Berg, with Mathieu Gompel and participation from Geoff Cox, THE OWNERS also stars Rita Tushingam, Sylvester McCoy, Ian Kenny, Jake Curran, Andrew Ellis, and Stacha Hicks, among others.

Welp, I've officially added this to my must-watch list for films arriving in 2021. At first, I was getting something of a PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS vibe from this trailer, but as things continued to unravel, I could tell that Berg has something far more sinister in mind than a group of zombified orphans living in a basement and gimp-suited psychos with shotguns patrolling the halls.

Back in April, THE OWNERS was expected to be released in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD in the fall of 2020, though when the film will actually be released in the face of the coronavirus scramble remains unclear. We'll be sure to bring you any updates that cross our desk as this looks to be one hell of a good time.

Source: RLJE Films

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