Margot Robbie’s production company to adapt a live-action feature of The Sims

Barbie’s Robbie is set to bring another non-plot-driven intellectual property to the big screen for a live-action adaptation.

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Could Margot Robbie be bringing the same kind of meta introspection and examination to The Sims in the way she did with Barbie? That is a possibility of what’s to come as her production company, LuckyChap, has taken on the life simulation game for an upcoming feature film. The Sims is an immensely popular game from Maxis, the company that first let gamers play God with the legendary simulator SimCity. While the brand followed up with other similar-natured games like SimFarm, Sim Hospital and SimAnt, it was in 2000 that they gave players the chance to live life in The Sims.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kate Herron, who is known for her work on the first season of the successful Marvel Studios series on Disney+, Loki, is set to take the helm on the feature. Herron is also attached to co-write the film with Briony Redman. Robbie’s LuckyChap also includes Tom Ackerly, Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerr as producers, and they will be collaborating with Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment. The publisher of the computer game, Electronic Arts, will also be included in creative and producing facets. Currently, it is not known if Robbie herself will be starring in the film.

The Sims game is currently on its fourth title. The game’s goal from the start has been a basic simulation of a normal, middle-class life where players can create an avatar from a number of appearance and trait options, build and decorate a home, find a job to support themselves and build relationships. In later sequels, players were able to build families and develop more intricate lifestyles with career updates.

This news comes after a big development last month where Robbie’s company partnered with Warner Bros. on a first-look deal. Robbie would comment, “We want to make more films that have the effect that Barbie has. Why can’t it be another big, original, bold idea where we get an amazing filmmaker, a big budget to play with, and the trust of a huge conglomerate behind them to go and really play? I want to do that.” The Sims has a similar nature to the Barbie brand where there is no formal narrative that can be source material to a specific feature film plot or themes. The game is essentially a way of playing with dolls in an advanced technological age that has been able to appeal to all sexes.

Source: THR

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