Check out the frightening new red-band trailer for Sinister with Ethan Hawke

Scott Derrickson's new horror flick SINISTER, starring Ethan Hawke, has a brand new red-band trailer here to scare the crap out of you. It's a minimalist trailer with no dialogue spoken, only images and sound, which makes it that much more spooky and hair-raising.  It's a tactic rarely used in promoting a film, so I give props to whoever decided to go this route as it makes for some really fun and frightening stuff.

Turn out the lights and hit play:

I have to admit, I'm not a huge horror guy.  I like the genre, but I certainly don't catch every single horror film that hits the street. However, SINISTER looks like one of the few I'll catch and probably sleep with a gun under my pillow for weeks.  To me, if something that extreme happens, then a horror movie has done its job, which is both to entertain and to scare the living shit out of you.  Let's hope SINISTER can accomplish that.

Here's the synopsis:

A true crime novelist (Ethan Hawke) struggling to find his next big story, moves his family into a house where the horrific murder of an entire family took place.  But after finding a box of home videos in which other families are also brutally murdered, his investigation leads him to a supernatural entity that may be placing his own family in harm’s way.

SINISTER gets its spook on October 12, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: What's the most important ingredient for a good horror film? The antagonist? The setting? The protagonist? The gore? The lack of gore? Sure, you always need a mix of those things, but what's the most important?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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