Check out the trailer and details on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new variety TV show HitRecord on TV

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is making quite a name for himself these days. After turning out some stellar performances in recent years (INCEPTION, LOOPER, DON JON, 50/50, etc.), the actor hasn't settled into a single niche, instead going for all of them. After writing and directing the well-received DON JON this year, Gordon-Levitt is expanding even deeper into the creative world with a new variety TV show called HitRecord on TV, which looks like a really big mess of...awesome. The show will "pull together work from the HitRecord global community, including short films, live performances, music, animation, conversation and more, with each episode focused on a different theme," which sounds like a lot of stuff crammed into a half hour, but is so ambitious that it could very well be something exceptional.

Take a look:

Here's a description of the first three episodes:

“RE: THE NUMBER ONE” - (Premiere Episode) Airs Saturday, January 18 at 10pm ET/PT
It's no coincidence that the theme of the very first episode of “HITRECORD ON TV” is regarding “THE NUMBER ONE" — there's a first time for everything and you never get a second chance at making a first impression. Through a series of short films, animation, music, conversation (and, of course, more) host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and thousands of contributors from around the world bring you stories of first times, unity and solitude.

What better way to kick off the second “HITRECORD ON TV” episode regarding FANTASY than with a big old fashioned musical number? Host Joseph Gordon-Levitt and guest Tony Danza lead a fanciful kick line to celebrate this week's fantastical theme. The episode continues with an exploration into the neuroscience of fantasy and includes an animated musical twist on the familiar fairy tale, "Beauty and the Beast."


Punk, junk and guilty pleasures are just a few words to describe the “HITRECORD ON TV” episode regarding TRASH.  Host Joseph Gordon-Levitt kicks off the show with a raucous rock song saluting all you freaks and geeks.  The show continues with the so-called "Pope of Trash" and filmmaker John Waters offering up his unique taste for the trashy.  And, of course, there's a pulpy short film about a trash collector abducted by aliens.  (Obviously.)

This could certainly go either way, but the trailer and Gordon-Levitt's passion are enough to get me to check it out. He seems genuinely invested in his projects and his charisma for them is enough to sell me. Regardless of how the show turns out, I think the venture is indicative, once again, of Gordon-Levitt's place as a real voice in the entertainment community.

HitRecord on TV will premiere at Sundance and then on the new cable network Pivot on Jaunary 18, 2014.



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