Exclusive: Take a dive into hell in Open Water 3 trailer

Shark fever has hit movies theaters the hardest it has since JAWS first hit theaters in 1975, with movies like THE SHALLOWS and 47 METERS DOWN bringing in solid numbers and reminding fans why you should just not go near any water ever. OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVE will be the next movie to make that very case, this time in absorbing first-person. Head underwater in this exclusive first trailer for the flick, and remember that humans stay on land for a reason (mostly because ducks are a-holes).

The first-person viewpoint is a great way to make the genre feel fresh, while also giving people reason to go back and check out the original OPEN WATER (there is an OPEN WATER 2, but it has no relation to the first movie) . The scenario is indeed one that terrifies more than almost anything on earth (sans clown-snakes), so the idea of being absorbed into it so directly is enough to make me wanna cry. But that’s something you want from a horror film, so I’d say the movie is already doing its job. Now if we can get attractive people to just stay out of the water these situations would never have to happen again. That is, unless, sharks grow legs.

OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVES hits select theaters and On Demand August 11.

Source: Lionsgate



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