First It Comes at Night trailer is here to haunt you all summer

The summer promises to offer plenty of colorful movie moments filled with adorable space creatures and charming stars. But then there’s IT COMES AT NIGHT, which will remind you that nightmares can manifest themselves into reality and haunt your dreams forever. The first full, intense and terrifying trailer has dropped, establishing once again why it could be the indie flick to break the box office this summer. Prepare to stay awake for the next three months.

The movie was met with rave reviews coming out of the Outlook Film Festival this weekend (at which our own Chris Bumbray was in attendance, and you watch his video review here!), and needless to say it’s being touted as the horror film to see this summer. I love how the trailer gives you just enough to gather the story while revealing almost nothing about exactly what’s happening. "Infected people" films come and go, but here the terror element will surely come from the claustrophobic location and theme of mistrust within. I just wanna know what happens to the dog. For the love of god, leave the dog alone!

IT COMES AT NIGHT with Joel Edgerton will ruin your night on June 9.

Source: A24



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