Float on down for the first horrifying It trailer

It’s finally here! What "it", you ask? The IT trailer of course! You’ve all been waiting so patiently and been such good boys and girls, so now it’s time to reward you with a horrifying new trailer featuring plenty of both the demon clown and the scared-as-shit children.  And adults…but you can’t see them as they’re typing with shivering fingers.

Based off this trailer,  I think Andres Muschietti tonally has the project nailed. The mood is tense and you can feel the terror in the air. What I like most of all is it doesn't shirk away from showing off the main antagonist (Bill Skarsgard) by showing plenty of clown scares. I can already hear the screams coming from the theater when this trailer pops up in theaters, filled with plenty of "Nope, nope not seeing that. [email protected] no! Okay, we have to see it." I will say that Georgie kid needs to watch his head. Did his mom not teach him how to properly run in the rain when construction equipment is out?

IT arrives September 8.

Source: Warner Bros.



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