Godzilla is super pissed by the end of the new Resurgence trailer

godzilla resurgence

Godzilla takes a licking but keeps on ticking in the latest trailer for GODZILLA RESURGENCE, the 29th Toho film about the King of the Monsters and the first in awhile. It also marks the third Toho reboot for the iconic character, and he certainly returns in style - namely with bombs and gunfire and all sorts of explosions surrounding him in an effort to stop his path of destruction. 

And yet he keeps plowing ahead, complete with overly dramatic music surrounding him, while a bunch of war rooms are filled with military personnel trying to come up with the next brightest idea. By the end of this, you understand that Godzilla is pissed, probably all that activity tickles or something... and Godzilla doesn't like to be tickled. Therefore, he's going to let everyone know how displeased he is... and Tokyo is screwed. 

Needless to say, if you're around Japan in the next 10 days, you're in luck. The movie is set to open there on July 29. Let us know how it is, won't you?


Source: Toho



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