It's girls, guns and pecs galore in first Baywatch trailer

When you think about the BAYWATCH TV show the brain conjures images of slo-mo running, hot folks and a big dude slapping you in the face for thinking about the show in the first place. Now we have the movie adaptation on the way and it promises much of the same, with the inclusion of massive explosions and broad comedy, as evidenced in the first full trailer for the flick. The film from Seth Gordon will star Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and plenty of other people who look great in swim wear whom you may ogle below!

The movie looks much more like a ridiculous action comedy than I perceived it to be, even if it looks like it’s trying to become the next 21 JUMP STREET. There are chases and gun fire, buffoonish but amiable hot people, and even a black cop comically berating the team. However it could be a lot of fun in its own ways, and though I wouldn’t say I’m excited for the flick I’m not as apprehensive. Explosions and bikinis will do that for you, I suppose.

BAYWATCH will run at you in slow-motion on May 26.

Source: Paramount



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