Jessica Jones embraces her short fuse in new trailer for Season 2

After besting the Purple Man (David Tennant) at the close of season one, and being reluctantly called into battle for the events of THE DEFENDERS, Marvel's attitudinal hero, JESSICA JONES, is back!

As you can see from the fist-pump-worthy trailer above, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is still looking for ways to leave her past behind as she continues to grow her ramshackle detective's agency, Alisa Investigations. As she continues to spiral out of control from the stress of her new superhero lifestyle, we find that Jessica's old drinking habits and anger management issues are alive and well as she continues to uncover the secrets of her tortured past.

In the new season, Jessica discovers a new threat that she can't help but investigate (as well as relate to), as she works to solve the mysteries surrounding the shadowy medical organization that grafted powers into her body without consent. Other fan-favorite characters such as Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor) and Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) are also back for the sophomore season, with plenty of problems of their own to sort through before the adventure draws to a bloody close.

It's a season about moving forward, taking responsibility for one's actions, and leaving the past where it deserves to be ... behind.

JESSICA JONES Season 2 will make its Netflix debut beginning on March 8th.

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