John Carter and Battleship discover two new posters

This artwork for JOHN CARTER is not something you're going to be seeing in your local cinema, unless you're very lucky and/or devout in your fandom.  See, this poster was commissioned by Mondo to commemorate the release of Disney's epic film and will be given away at midnight IMAX showings of JOHN CARTER in select cities (look for the chosen list soon on the IMAX website).  This is very much a "while supplies last" kind of deal, so get there early.  Or just buy it off of Ebay.  That's cool too.  Because regardless of whether the movie is good or not, this is still a beautiful print that captures the sense of scope JOHN CARTER seems to be shooting for.  You can decide if Andrew Stanton succeeded come March 9th.

Mondo poster for John Carter

And here's a French poster for BATTLESHIP, one that decides for some reason to abandon the ships (human or alien) of past marketing in favor of Taylor Kitsch because... they want to capitalize on the fact that he is starring in JOHN CARTER? I don't know.  Though I suppose if they haven't sold someone on BATTLESHIP by now, it's not really going to happen.  The movie ships out MAY 19th.

French poster for Battleship

Extra Tidbit: Supposedly Andrew Stanton pitched his ideas for Finding Nemo to head of Pixar John Lasseter, using elaborate visual aids and character voices. At the end of an hour, the exhausted Stanton finally asked Lasseter what he thought. Lasseter said "'You had me at 'fish.'"



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