New featurette released for Netflix's Black Mirror series

BLACK MIRROR is an amazing show. I think, honestly, it's probably the closest thing we have to a modern TWILIGHT ZONE right now. What's great about it, is that while it is ostensibly a horror-anthology series, it was a smart move to focus explicitly on technology. This makes it modern, but also taps into real fears and concerns with things like privacy, identity, and security, all told through engaging, and a lot of times disturbing, stories.

So it's cool to know that there's a third season coming out on Netflix (the first two seasons premiered on Britain's Channel 4), since Netflix has proven that it can produce quality television (I mean, just look at STRANGER THINGS and BOJACK HORSEMAN for proof). 

Anyway, this brings us to a new featurette, which has the cast and crew talk about the new season. Let's have a look:

There's a lot of new footage along with the typical talking head interviews you see in these types of featurettes. What's also great, is that the creators talk about how since BLACK MIRROR is an anthology series, it can deal with different tones, rather than always being oppressively bleak. Which is great news, because variety was also one of the trademarks of TWILIGHT ZONE as well. Can't wait!  

BLACK MIRROR season 3 will premiere on Netflix on October 21st, 2016.

So what do you guys think? Fans of BLACK MIRROR? If so, what's your favorite episode (no spoilers, please)?

Extra Tidbit: Robert Downey, Jr. was at one point attached to a feature-length film adapted from the third BLACK MIRROR episode "The Entire History of You".
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