Sam Neill voices an aspirational kiwi in quirky ad for Air New Zealand

Many of us know the word “kiwi” as both fruit and a moniker for folks from New Zealand.  But you may not know that the kiwi is actually a native, flightless bird in New Zealand that looks a bit like a beaver, but with no tail, big teeth or front feet and with a big beak. It's odd appearance aside, it’s become a beloved symbol for the people of NZ, and this, of course, makes them a perfect mascot for Air New Zealand, which uses the bird’s inability to fly as a subject in its new, odd ad. The ad stars none other than famous New Zealander Sam Neill (JURASSIC PARK, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE) as Pete the Kiwi, who uses Air New Zealand to fly around the world, defying all odds and preconceptions that the beaver-like birds will never leave the ground. Neill has a cameo as himself as well, which also defies preconceptions that man cannot be both himself and an actual kiwi at the same time and in the same place.  Air New Zealand is clearly a magical airline. Watch above!

Source: Air New Zealand



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