Showtime releases trailer for White Famous starring Jay Pharoah & Jamie Foxx

Jay Pharoah, former SNL cast member, is now starring in his own Showtime original series WHITE FAMOUS. The show will follow Pharoah's up-and-coming stand-up comedian Floyd Mooney as he tries to make it in Hollywood (including finding a starring role in a Jamie Foxx film). I always liked Pharoah's stuff on SNL (especially his weird take on Ben Carson), so I'm curious how this will turn out. I also wonder how much of it is autobiographical.

Either way, here's a trailer for the show:

You know, besides the Jamie Foxx wearing a dress bit (where the joke is "that's weird, huh?") everything else looked pretty good. However, to be fair, I happen to have a soft spot though for behind-the-scenes/Hollywood inside baseball stories, so obviously your mileage-may-vary on that (I even stuck it out on ENTOURAGE for way longer than I should for that very reason). The fact that it also deals with the specific issues of trying to make it as a black actor is interesting as well.

Meanwhile, WHITE FAMOUS will premiere on Showtime October 15th.

Extra Tidbit: I agree, a magic carpet *would* be dope.
Source: YouTube



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