Spoilers: New image from The Walking Dead teases iconic moment from the comics

MTV News has a new image from this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, but it isn't just a tease for the new episode: the picture also hints at a massive event from the comics that might be coming up very soon on the show. If you haven't read the comics, the image below won't ruin anything, but my comments will, so if you want to avoid the spoilers, don't scroll past Daryl Dixon shooting Edward Cullen in the head.

Still with me? Then let's jump right to it then, shall we?

The Governor is definitely sitting next to a tank in the above image, and you know what that means:

In the comics, Rick and his crew end up leaving the prison after The Governor assaults it with a small army and a tank. It's a huge moment in the comics with several characters dying, including Lori. Obviously it won't be the same on the show since that character died last season, but it does look like there will be an attack on the prison soon with The Governor commanding a tank. It's a moment from the comics many fans have been waiting for ever since the first season, and hopefully the prison attack on the show will be just as devastating as it was in the comics.

Source: MTV News



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