The new trailer for Legend with Tom Hardy looks violent and darkly hilarious

To date, the trailers for Brian Helgeland's LEGEND have made the film look like a period gangster drama along the lines of GOODFELLAS. But, what the marketing hasn't shown us is just how funny the movie is going to be. You read that right, LEGEND looks like a great dark comedy with Tom Hardy truly showing some of the blackest humor since BRONSON.

Based on the true story of the Kray Twins, LEGEND makes great use of CGI technology to put two Tom Hardy's on screen simultaneously and, as this new trailer shows, even have them come to blows. We also learn a lot more about the real history of the siblings and how a rift developed between Reggie's desire to live life with his young bride, played by Emily Browning, and Ronnie's penchant for violence.

The movie has quite the cast that also includes nearly unrecognizable turns by David Thewlis and Christopher Eccleston for what is sure to be a very enjoyable movie. Brian Helgeland has always delivered a good balance of crime and punishment going back to his movies like L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and PAYBACK. LEGEND will hopefully signal a return for the director to the top.

LEGEND opens in domestic theaters on October 2nd.

Source: YouTube



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