The Walking Dead casts a former star of The Wire as Tyreese

Just a few days ago, we presented the rumor that a new character would be introduced on the Fall finale of THE WALKING DEAD on December 9th, and it looks like now we may have a clearer idea of who that will be.

Former cast-member of THE WIRE Chad Coleman has been cast as fan favorite Tyreese. Coleman played Cutty on THE WIRE and has also appeared on series such as THE GOOD WIFE and IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. He bears a great physical resemblance to the comic version of the character so I have no issue with this casting choice.

Here is a brief recap of Tyreese from the comic: Former athlete and father to Julie, Tyreese is one of the strongest men to join the group of survivors. Tyreese, Julie, and her boyfriend, Chris, joined Rick's group shortly after they began their journey away from Atlanta. A one-time pro football player in the late 1990s, he is much like Rick in many ways: strong, a devastatingly effective melee fighter (managing to kill more than ten zombies by himself, in one instance), a stern but loving father, and a generally sensible person. A terrible shot, and recognized for it, his signature weapon was a hammer. Shortly after joining the group he began a relationship with Carol, but shifted to Michonne after several fights and arguments with Carol and Rick over physical actions/mistakes.

Obviously the show has differed from the comic greatly, but the overall arc remains the same. The upcoming showdown between Rick's group and The Governor's group is bound to be the finale for the season and Tyrese is vital to that plot. Plus, he can now jump into the Daryl/Carol relationship and shake things up.

What do you think of the casting news?

Source: Vulture



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