Wiser & deadlier sharks devour humans in Deep Blue Sea 2 trailer

The original DEEP BLUE SEA with Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane and Samuel L. Jackson is a hallmark of absurd, over-the-top, inconceivable, brilliant B-movie thrills. We owe all of the campy chaos to genetically-modified sharks who swim amok and terrorize humans, proving that the shark in JAWS had no idea how to have fun. The sharks are back in the trailer for the straight-to-DVD DEEP BLUE SEA 2, which features deadlier and wiser sharks. We have the new trailer for the new movie here (originally an IGN exclusive), which you can watch above! People never learn, and soon, sharks will inherit the earth.

The movie looks like it will deliver the same kind of thrills the original did, but in a cheaper, less star-studded way. Anyone who seeks out animal-driven, B-movie gore should be sure to keep an eye on this flick, if only to see all the ways sharks can make their way onto land to devour every human soul. 

DEEP BLUE SEA 2 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this year

Source: IGNWarner Bros.



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