Poster & trailer for Filmax’s Sweet Home, from director Rafael Martinez

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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From Julio Fernandez, producer of the [REC] series, and director Rafael Martinez comes the claustrophobic horror SWEET HOME, and today we've got a look at the international trailer and poster for ya!

Filmax International is behind this one and if you know your horror, then you know Filmax has a solid record of delivering some scary stuff our way. Judging from what we're seeing from SWEET HOME, I think we're in for another winner. This English-language production stars ngrid Garcia Jonsson (BEAUTIFUL YOUTH) stars with Bruno Sevilla (MINDSCAPE). Martinez co-wrote the screenplay with Teresa Rosendo and Ángel Agudo. Here's the synopsis:

Alicia has a surprise to celebrate her boyfriend Simon’s birthday: a romantic dinner for two in one of the almost abandoned buildings she inspects as part of her job. The evening starts out perfectly, but the couple soon makes the startling discovery that they are not the only “intruders” in the building that night, after Alicia witnesses a chilling act at the hands of three mysterious hooded men. On realizing that their presence in the building has not gone unnoticed, the three men begin the search for the couple, well aware that their dark secret cannot leave the building…

Check out the poster and international trailer for SWEET HOME below, and look for more on this one soon.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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