Mel Brooks, Carol Kane, and more honor a genius and comedic force of nature in the Remembering Gene Wilder trailer

Kino Lorber’s Remembering Gene Wilder trailer shares a heartfelt preview of Ron Frank’s documentary honoring the legendary comedian.

Individuals like Andy Kaufman, Richard Pryor, John Candy, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Robin Williams, Gilda Radner, George Carlin, and Gene Wilder come to mind in a list of late comedic greats who changed the comedy landscape. Their influence remains a part of the art, with up-and-coming joke-slingers citing them as sources of inspiration. Sometimes, it’s good to reflect on the contributions of comedy’s titans. So Kino Lorber is proud to present Ron Frank’s Remembering Gene Wilder trailer, celebrating the life and career of the curly-haired clown alongside notable friends.

Remembering Gene Wilder is a heartfelt documentary and entertaining portrait of the life and career of the beloved actor, featuring an extensive array of highlights from Wilder’s most memorable films and interviews with his closest friends, family, and fellow comics.

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Here’s the official description for Remembering Gene Wilder:

Remembering Gene Wilder is a loving tribute to Gene Wilder that celebrates his life and legacy as the comic genius behind an extraordinary string of film roles, from his collaborations with Mel Brooks in The ProducersYoung Frankenstein, and Blazing Saddles to his inspired on-screen partnership with Richard Pryor in movies like Silver Streak, to originating the strange and magical title role of the mysterious chocolatier in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Alongside his brilliant career, Remembering Gene Wilder also captures intimate moments from Wilder’s private life, including his Jewish upbringing in Milwaukee, his marriage to Gilda Radner, and his final chapter, living with Alzheimer’s. Illustrated by a variety of touching and hilarious clips and outtakes from Willy WonkaBlazing Saddles, and more; never-before-seen home movies; narration by Wilder himself from the audiobook of his memoir; and interviews with some of his most brilliant friends and collaborators, including Mel Brooks, Alan Alda, Carol Kane, and his widow Karen Boyer Wilder, Remembering Gene Wilder reminds us what an essential performer, writer, and director Gene Wilder was, an all-around mensch beloved by all those whose lives he touched.

Today’s Remembering Gene Wilder trailer is giving me flashbacks to my youth. I can’t tell you how many VCRs I destroyed by watching several of his films repeatedly. My first exposure to Wilder was Mel Stuart’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, followed by Blazing SaddlesYoung FrankensteinSilver Streak, Stir Crazy, and The Woman in Red. Then came his 1986 comedy Haunted Honeymoon, directed by and starring Wilder, with Gilda Radner and Dom DeLuise. One of my favorites was his buddy comedy with Richard Pryor, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. Wilder never failed to bring the laughs with his unhinged approach to comedy and doe-eyes sincerity when things got serious. Remembering Gene Wilder is a great opportunity to honor this legendary titan of comedy, and I can’t wait to see it.

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