Sentient carousel unicorn carnage awaits in CarousHELL trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

I guess it was only a matter of time before the pretty little unicorn on your local carnival's carousel got fed up of fat kids and their chubby asses and decided to break free and go on a roaring rampage of violent revenge. Unicorn style. And if that day seems inevitable to you too, then you'll be glad to hear someone has produced a movie on just this topic with CAROUSHELL.

The horror/comedy tells of 

A sentient carousel unicorn that gets pushed too far by a brat.  The unicorn breaks free of his spinning prison to go on a revenge-driven murder spree on his way to kill the kid.

If this synopsis sounds right up your "What the everliving f*ck" alley as it does for me, then proceed onwards towards the film's trailer and poster below. All others that prefer their films of the black and white, "important" variety can just mosey on to greener pastures. The rest of us have some sentient carousel unicorn carnage to behold.

The film is directed by Steve Rudzinski (RED CHRISTMAS, CAPTAIN Z & THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN, EVERYONE MUST DIE!) from a screenplay written by Rudzinski and Aleen Isley. It stars Steve Rimpici, Sé Marie, Chris Proud, and Haley Madison.

Look for the film to be released via Wild Eye Releasing in 2019. Until then give the trailer and poster a look-see below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what YOU think!

Source: AITH

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