Short film Hospital Dumpster Divers gets a splatter-filled trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Writer/director Anders Elsrud Hultgreen's Norwegian short film HOSPITAL DUMPSTER DIVERS is described as "a batshit crazy, medical waste themed, mini-monster splatter movie, melted together as a practical special effects gore feast", which will get a lot of horror fans sold on it instantly. But if you're not yet convinced that this one to watch for, check out the trailer embedded above and see if the splatter and insanity on display is enough to warm your heart.

Starring Thomas Aske Berg, Ingar Helge Gimle, Linda Tveiten, and Sturla Alvsvag, HOSPITAL DUMPSTER DIVERS has the following synopsis: 

Chaos breaks out at the hospital when a mutant dumpster troll is accidentally brought to life, as a result of shoddy waste management by the shuffle dancing young man Rasmus.

Hultgreen also served as editor and sound designer on the short, with Oystein Nesheim being the producer, production designer, creature designer, and scenographer; June Midttveit Olsen handling the makeup and special effects; Geir M.V. Andersen working as cinematographer, gaffer, set decorator, and prop maker; Linda Lovheim earning production manager and best girl credits; Monika Solheim being the puppeteer; and DAMIEN composing the score. Dr. Christian Hoie is credited as chef, farmer, and gastronomer.

As the trailer promises, HOSPITAL DUMPSTER DIVERS is coming soon to a trash heap near you. The hope is that festival screenings can begin this autumn, depending on the state of the world at that point.

Hospital Dumpster Divers

Source: Arrow in the Head

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