Sleepaway Camp may be the next horror series to get rebooted

If you are looking for a nice alternative to slasher films like FRIDAY THE 13TH or HALLOWEEN, check out SLEEPAWAY CAMP. The movie follows the same beats as those other franchises, but also has one of the most shocking twist endings from any movie ever made.

After four lackluster sequels, SLEEPAWAY CAMP may be getting a new life thanks to Jeff Katz who has optioned the rights to the film and intends to film a contemporary take on the story. The original film followed a girl named Angela (Felissa Rose) as she heads to camp for the first time. While there she encounters horny teens and bullies who begin to be terrorized by a killer in the woods.

While that may not sound all that unique, SLEEPAWAY CAMP was a fun horror movie that would have been forgettable if not for that twist ending. While the twist may not work if repeated in the new version, it certainly will spook new fans. There is no distributor or any other news lined up for the new SLEEPAWAY CAMP take aside from Katz producing alongside the first film’s writer/director Robert Hiltzik.

And, in honor of Halloween, you can watch the entire SLEEPAWAY CAMP film in the embed below.

Source: Deadline

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