Superman: Legacy: James Gunn confirms two Peacemaker stars who aren’t involved with the film

While casting for Superman: Legacy breaks story by story, so does James Gunn’s dispelling of speculation on casting for the film.

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All eyes of comic book movie fans are on James Gunn as he takes up the task of rebooting the whole DC film universe. Regardless of the perception of Gunn by the devoted DC followers, the filmmaker has a habit of engaging with fans directly on social media. He has a tendency to answer questions, dispel rumors, gauge public opinion, get involved with debates and just be as transparent as he can. Part of the fun for Gunn has also been teasing the little nuggets of information that he’ll drop here and there about the projects he’s working on. Now that he’s especially under the microscope with his Superman: Legacy film, people online pick up on what information can be given for this anchor entry into the new universe.

Gunn also has to walk a fine line with speculation being made with every new post he makes. has reported on a photo that Gunn posted on his Instagram, where he took a selfie with two of his actors from the DC series, Peacemaker, as they visited the set of Superman: Legacy. This may have led to some rumblings amongst people online, but Gunn was quick to clarify that these actors were merely taking a tour of the production and are not involved with the film. His photo has a caption that reads, “With Freddie Stroma & @jenniferlholland showing them around the #Superman sets (no they’re not in the movie).”

While the DC film universe gets its overhaul, two projects remain in the revamping. Last year’s Blue Beetle, which was originally conceived and made for the DCEU, is officially part of the new DCU. And Gunn’s own series, Peacemaker, which is a spin-off of his DCEU film The Suicide Squad, is due to return on HBO and Max. Holland had expressed her excitement about her character’s arc, “I love her character arc through the whole season. I think it’s really, really nuanced and it doesn’t rush itself. I really love the way that it was written into the whole series. I think, for me, I didn’t want to hold back. I wanted Harcourt to be as cold and closed off as she could be in the earlier episodes, because I wanted her to really have that full character arc throughout the season.”

Additionally, Gunn insists that the existence of Peacemaker won’t make things confusing with the new universe getting rebooted. Gunn said, “You’ll have to wait and see how that works out!” Gunn was then asked why he doesn’t just make a different show instead of risking confusion with the shift between universe. He answered, “Because it’s my favorite thing to do, it’s the biggest original Max show ever, and I have a way in. It won’t be confusing.“

Superman: Legacy flies into theaters on July 11, 2025.


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