Exclusive: Sylvester Stallone & Taylor Sheridan teaming on mob streaming series

Sylvester Stallone and Taylor Sheridan sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Sure enough, Stallone made my jaw drop when I was interviewing him for Rocky IV: Rocky Vs Drago, when he mentioned that the two of them were working on a mob series in the Get Shorty vein. So here’s what he had to say:

“So this fella comes out of jail after 25 years and goes to Oklahoma to start a new mob, but everyone there is like a cowboy…a hippie…so it’s like a Get Shorty thing, but it’s also done by the same people that did The Sopranos, so it’s gonna have an edge.”

Stallone mentioned it should be about ten episodes for streaming and should start shooting in March or April. Then, he elaborated a bit on his character:

“I thought this would be really interesting, to play this kind of guy who goes in there, trying to start a mob, but he’s not vicious, he’s not intimidating, it’s like Get Shorty 25 years later. So I’m looking forward to that. So it’s gonna be a good one too, great showrunner and everything.”

You can hear more from Sly in the interview above, but I was knocked out by this scoop because I could not imagine a better pairing than those two. I mean, Sheridan and Stallone? It’s going to be amazing!

Speaking of Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone Season 4 just premiered last week, and I was lucky enough to interview a ton of the folks involved, including Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille and Wes Bentley (Gil Birmingham to follow shortly). Check them out below – and make sure to buy Rocky Vs Drago, which is available on digital right now!

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