The Hunting trailer: The claws are out for latest werewolf film

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The genre specialized company Black Mandala has acquired director Mark Andrew Hamer's werewolf creature feature The Hunting, and to celebrate the occasion they have released not only a trailer for the movie, which is embedded above, but also three posters, which can be seen below.

Hamer wrote the screenplay for The Hunting with Heather Ryan and Terrance Ryan, crafting the following story: 

When a mysterious animal attack leaves a mutilated body in the forest, a conservative small town detective must enlist the help of an eager wildlife specialist to uncover the dark and disturbing truth that threatens the town.

Peyton Hillis, Joelle Westwood, Joaquin Guerrero, Keith Migra, Angela Cole, Alan Tuskes, Heidi Azaro, Billy Grimm, Daniel Repas, and Matt Tifft star. 

Hamer and the Ryans also produced the film. This is Hamer's feature directorial debut, and his first time directing horror. His previous directing credits came on a documentary called Healing a Community: 150 Year Story, which chronicled the history of the University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland, and the animated short Kids Again. This isn't his first time working in the horror genre, though. He was visual effects supervisor and an executive producer on the recently released I See You, starring Helen Hunt.

I'm always glad to hear that there's another werewolf movie on the way, because werewolves are such awesome creatures and yet there are so few really good werewolf movies. I'm always hoping another great one will be released. We'll have to wait and see how The Hunting turns out. A release date has not yet been announced.

Are you looking forward to The Hunting? Let us know what you thought about the trailer by leaving a comment below.

One thing I can say for sure about the film at this time is that it has some pretty cool posters: 

The Hunting trailerThe HuntingThe Hunting

Source: Arrow in the Head

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