Trailer: Joel McHale co-stars in thriller Dark Harbor

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Dark Harbor Joe Raffa Jessica Sipos

Director Joe Raffa's thriller DARK HARBOR is set to make its world premiere this Thursday aboard the RMS Queen Mary at the Catalina Film Festival, and ahead of this unique screening APS Films has released a trailer for the film online.

Stars Jessica Sipos and Sterling Hurst are the main focus in this trailer, which offers a preview of the following story: 

With the birth of her first child just days away, Olivia must return to her childhood home island off the coast of Maine, seemingly on the edge of the world, to face her narcissistic mother and attend her father's funeral. Not long after, she uncovers a dark family secret that undoes the foundations of her life. The deeper Olivia searches for answers, the more life-threatening the situation becomes, putting herself and her unborn child in danger.

Sipos and Hurst's co-stars include Joel McHale, Xander Berkeley, Reiko Aylesworth, Meagen Fay, Brian Gallagher, Connor Trineer, and Nickolas Wolf.

Raffa had this to say about DARK HARBOR: 

The film tests the limits we are willing to go for forgiveness, redemption, and the truth. I hope Dark Harbor forces us to answer the questions we are otherwise afraid to ask ourselves. Can we let go of resentment and forgive a loved one who has betrayed us? How can we fix the suffering a loved one has caused? And, along this haunting and tense journey, you'll find yourself gripping your armrest and holding your breath." 

DARK HARBOR will continue making the festival rounds after its Catalina premiere, so check out the trailer below and see if it looks like a movie you'd like to check out.

Dark Harbor Joe Raffa Joel McHaleDark Harbor Joe Raffa Sterling Hurst

Dark Harbor

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