His Dark Materials Season 2 trailer has one thing to say. War is hell.

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

HBO today unveiled a full and fanciful trailer for HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 2, which is now scheduled for a November premiere. Based on Philip Pullman's classic novel series of the same name, the newest chapters of BBC and HBO's fantasy epic sees characters going to war and parallel worlds colliding as matters turn as dark as they've ever been.

Focusing on the second novel of Pullman's book trilogy the sophomore season begins after Lord Asriel has opened a bridge to a new world, and, distraught over the death of her best friend, Lyra follows Asriel into the unknown. In a strange and mysterious abandoned city, she meets Will, a boy from our world who is also running from a troubled past. Lyra and Will learn their destinies are tied to reuniting Will with his father but find their path is constantly thwarted as the war begins to brew around them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Coulter searches for Lyra, determined to bring her home by any means necessary.

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His Dark Materials takes place in a world parallel to our own, where a human's soul exists outside one's body in the form of a talking animal. Dafne Keen (LOGAN) stars as Lyra, a young orphan who lives at Jordan College in Oxford along with her daemon Pantalaimon. "Her cloistered life soon gives way to a global adventure when she’s thrust into a mystery surrounding missing children and something called Dust, a particle which holds vast secrets of her universe."

Returning for season two are series regulars Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Amir Wilson, Ariyon Bakare, Andrew Scott, Will Keen, Ruta Gedmintas, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Joining the cast this season are Terence Stamp, Jade Anouka, and Simone Kirby. Phoebe Waller-Bridge also joins the cast this season to voice the daemon of John Parry, played by Andrew Scott.

Welp, it looks as if it's time for me to bust out my His Dark Materials Season 1 box set and get to watchin' because this show looks rad as hell. Normally I'm all over shows like this from the get-go, but with so many series available to stream these days this one has managed to slip through my fingers. But no more! I am going to make it a priority to get caught up before the second season hits. This is my vow!

HIS DARK MATERIALS will return to cast a whole new spell over audiences this November.

Source: HBO

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