Wolves battle mutant humans in the highly sought script Yellowstone Falls

Talk about a bizarre combination. The recently bought spec script for YELLOWSTONE FALLS will pit wild wolves against a band of mutated humans in a post-apocalyptic setting. The incomplete script was subject to wild bidding as studios vied for the unique story with the winner being QED, the same producers of David Ayer‘s upcoming FURY.

While it remains to be seen whether YELLOWSTONE FALLS will see the light of day as a film, it is interesting to see how such a concept went from being what you would expect to see displayed on a Redbox to potentially being a major theatrical release. Check out this breakdown courtesy of Deadline:

This script is unusual in that it was 52 pages, with few human characters and essentially no dialogue. The action begins after an apocalyptic event that saps the humanity from most of the mutated humans that remain. At its core, it’s the story of a mother wolf, separated from her mate as the rest of the pack flees to safety, is forced to defend her cubs from the oncoming swarm. It sounds like those spare nature-based movies Jean Jacques Annaud makes, with a little genre thrown in.

A 52 page script could be because there was little dialogue or it could be that the basic concept of the story was sold and now the producers will need to hire a writer to flesh it out further. Either way, I don’t know if we can predict how this one will end up by the time it gets filmed as a whole lot can change between now and then.

Source: Deadline

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