Official Venom art!

If you haven't read either of the two "Art of SPIDER-MAN" books that detail, in photographic form, the making of the SPIDER-MAN movies, you're missing out and I suggest you pick them up now. Today AICN has a sneak peek at the "Art of SPIDER-MAN 3" which includes some absolutely amazing coverage of Topher Grace as Venom. The transformation from Eddie Brock to Venom could be one of the most amazing things we see on screen this summer. There's on shot in particular (that you can see by clicking the image below) of Grace's face contorted using makeup and series of wires that is absolutely frightening in the best possible way. And I have to say I'm pleased as punch with how they've developed the look of Venom. Stayed true to Todd McFarlane's original vision while still making it somewhat realistic for the screen. Just look at the ligaments at the furthest reaches of Venom's mouth. Awesome stuff. Hopefully Sony doesn't pull these down cause they're fantastic. Click the image below to head to Ain't It Cool to see the whole gallery.

Extra Tidbit: Sam Raimi had to be convinced by Avi Arad to even put Venom in the third film as he was set on just using Sandman.



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