Trailer for James Bond documentary The Other Fellow isn't what you think, but cool nonetheless

Bond.  James Bond.  Have you ever imagined what it would be like if that were your real name? Well, some folks don't have to imagine, because their name actually is James Bond.  THE OTHER FELLOW, a new documentary that tracks ten real mean named James Bond around the world during the release of SKYFALL seeks to show the ups and downs of carrying the moniker of the fictional British superspy.  

The trailer for the documentary is a brilliantly informative satire, which makes use of the now-cliche "Braaaammm" horn and is cut like an action-adventure pic, interspersed with interviews of the different James Bond's from around the globe.  Very cool stuff.


Here's a synopsis:

The independent filmmakers found hundreds of real James Bond’s on Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin before traveling the world to film the ten whose lives had been forever changed – for better or worse – due to sharing a name with the world’s most famous secret agent.

This looks like a really fun documentary that can actually provide some insight into the age-old question: What's in a name?  I think many of us would think it would be cool to carry Bond's actual name, but after a good long while and repetitive jokes, I imagine it would be pretty draining. 

THE OTHER FELLOW is set for release sometime in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What fictional character name do you THINK you'd like to have (or maybe already do)?
Source: Mindboggler



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