Boyd Holbrook in talks to replace Benicio del Toro in Shane Black’s Predator

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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It looks as though the Predator won't be stalking Benicio del Toro after all; the SICARIO actor was in talks to star in the film just last month, but now THR reports that del Toro has moved on. Production on THE PREDATOR had been slated to kick off in September/October but, in an effort to work around Benicio del Toro's schedule, 20th Century Fox pushed it back until February. The move wound up proving futile as del Toro's busy schedule shifted yet again and Fox was left scrambling to find a replacement lead.

It looks as though they may have found their man in Boyd Holbrook as the Narcos star is currently in talks to star in the Shane Black flick. As Holbrook doesn't quite have the star power which Benicio del Toro has, the outlet reports that Fox is looking at beefing up the supporting cast and making THE PREDATOR more of an ensemble piece. It's a shame to lose Benicio del Toro, but I've definitely enjoyed most of what I've seen from Boyd Holbrook so far; plus, with Holbrook's villianous turn as Donald Pierce in LOGAN just five months away, I'm sure many more people will know his name by the time THE PREDATOR rolls around on February 9, 2018.

How do you feel about Boyd Holbrook stepping up to face THE PREDATOR and who else would you like to see join the cast?

Source: THR

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