Evangeline Lilly & Adam Scott to star in Netflix horror-comedy Little Evil

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I love TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL. No joke, it's the movie that I most often show on dates (along with BIRDEMIC) to see if we'd be compatible. Or I would if I went on dates. Anyway, that movie did a great job of taking a one-note premise (the scary looking hillbillies are the good guys and the college kids are the bad guys) and makes it hilarious, horrific, and even touching. It's a great achievement to say the least. And I always wondered what the talented writer-director of the film, Eli Craig, was up to next.

Well I have to wonder no more! Seems that Craig is writing and directing another horror-comedy, this time for Netflix, called LITTLE EVIL. It stars Adam Scott as a man who marries the girl of his dreams (Evangeline Lilly)…only to find that her son may be the Anti-Christ. 

That sounds like a fun idea! Some dude tries to be the hapless step-dad of the f*cking Anti-Christ himself? I mean, this could be the plot of a shitty horror film, but being played for laughs seems the right way to go. How do you discipline him? Do you try to relate to him? And how awkward would the "birds and the bees" talk be? And even though the premise is a bit thin, it actually has more thematic weight built in than TUCKER AND DALE ever did, and in that movie Craig was still able to find true pathos, so I'm sure he can do the same here. 

But what do you guys think? Any other fans of TUCKER AND DALE? 

Source: Netflix

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