First clip from the Korean sequel The Host 2 is chock full of monster goodness

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

If you have not seen the South Korean movie THE HOST, you are missing out. Probably the best monster movie produced in the last decade, THE HOST was often compared to both GODZILLA and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. It had a funny streak, a great monster, and some damn fine CGI. There have been rumors of a sequel going back to 2009, but this is the first confirmation that we have of THE HOST 2 actually existing.

Twitch posted this clip online that features a family on a road trip facing down the titular monster on a stretch of highway. What proceeds is beautifully shot. The monster is incredibly detailed, possibly the best CGI I have seen in a long time.

According to Twitch, the CG effects were created by Macrograph,who also worked on A CHINESE GHOST STORY. This clip makes me want to see the original film again. There is no apparent release date for THE HOST 2 in Korea or the US, but this footage looks final, so we should be hearing something in the near future.

It is tough to say which crew members are returning for THE HOST 2. The IMDb page for the movie still lists question marks for the release date and the cast is blank. I would think this would be all over the Internet since the first movie was pretty popular. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Source: Twitch

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