HBO show Young Pope starring Jude Law releases new, stylish trailer

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

I really love the idea behind YOUNG POPE. A "play by his own rules" Pope, who might as well have a backwards cap and skateboard, messing with the stuffy, aristocratic establishment. It seems like a classier, more surreal version of a "slobs vs. snobs" comedy, only instead played out like a dark, stylish drama. Because sometimes when the stakes are high enough, that kind of mentality is actually really, really scary.

This leads us to a new trailer for the HBO limited series starring Jude Law (who seems to be having a ton of fun in the role). Let's have a look, shall we?:

What's fascinating to me, is that the series was shot and finished prior to the 2016 election (in fact, may have even been conceived before either candidate was official), but the parallels to this story and the results of said election are eerie. You have a boisterous outsider, who womanizes and parties, taking on the responsibility of ruling over millions of people, but is more concerned with power, image, and revenge than actually governing. And you even have a dissenting female figure (played by Diane Keaton), who, in the trailer at least, is said to be "the rightful Pope". Take away the fact that Law is young (as per the title) and Trump is, well, not, you have what might be called an allegory if it was indeed at all on purpose.

Either way, YOUNG POPE will appear on HBO January 15th, 2017 at 9PM. 

But what say you, Schmoes? You down to pray with the YOUNG POPE, or would you rather be excommunicated? Sound off below!

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