Interview: Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane, Larry Charles, and the Cast of Dicks The Musical

We talk with Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane, Bowen Yang, Larry Charles, Josh Sharp, and Aaron Jackson about Dicks: The Musical

Last Updated on November 3, 2023

Have you watched the trailer for Dicks: The Musical? Even if you have, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Yes, there are musical numbers, many involving genital discussion, and they even have “Sewer Boys.” From Larry Charles comes a wild little film from A24. Inspired by the talents of Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson, the film also stars the legendary Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally. Both of these pros add a whole lot of crazy to this R-rated musical. Get ready for a whole lot of dick jokes, songs, and a few unmentionables.

I, recently, had an amazing time getting to speak with this insanely funny group. And yes, it was incredible to chat with Larry Charles (Seinfeld). First up it was Charles, Jackson, Sharp, and Bowen Yang. Mr. Yang plays God. It is discussed. And yes, it was kind of fantastic chatting it up with the four of them. They revealed how this sketch comedy came to be, and just how raunchy they can get. I loved these guys.

And finally, it was Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally. And they were a joy. First off, Nathan’s reaction to my first question put a huge smile on my face. And as for Megan, she has a song in this that will disturb you for days – and that certainly can be a good thing. The two talked about taking on Dicks: The Musical, and playing a couple of oddballs in this comedic flick. Are you ready for Dicks: The Musical? Wait no longer, head out to the theatres for Dicks.


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