Oscar snubs: Who went overlooked this year?

Along with this year’s Oscar nominations, some notable names were surprisingly snubbed, especially after receiving recognition from awards events earlier this month.

oscar snubs

Awards season is set to culminate with the 2024 Academy Awards. The nominees were announced earlier this morning, and you can view the full list HERE. There were a lot of favorites that many saw as a shoo-in for nominations. Oppenheimer was a heavy favorite to get recognized as the film would collect nominations for Christopher Nolan, Emily Blunt, and Cillian Murphy, and the film itself is now up for the big Best Picture award. With Killers of the Flower Moon receiving much-talked-about hype before the film came out as well as the non-stop praise after its release, it would seem Martin Scorsese would be an obvious nomination for Best Director, and the legendary filmmaker would indeed get the nod as he receives his tenth nomination and surpasses Steven Spielberg’s record.

Barbie was also a favorite this year, as the film stole 2024, with Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and Greta Gerwig collecting nominations for earlier awards this year. However, in some surprises revealed in the nomination announcements, Ryan Gosling would be the only one of the big three to get nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Every year, there are some surprises that come with the territory. Many hopefuls, some of whom were shown awards recognition prior, get snubbed, or inversely, some nominations seem to be a surprise.

Some of the most talked-about snubs include:

MARGOT ROBBIE – Before Barbie, Margot had a string of bad luck with her past two films from two years ago failing to make a splash when Amsterdam and Babylon both flopped at the box office. It got to the point that it was even questioned if Robbie had the pull she once had. With Barbie being the biggest movie of the year, she had been recognized at the Golden Globes, the Critic’s Choice Awards, the BAFTAs and the like. However, Gosling would collect the Best Actor nom, but surprisingly America Ferrera would also get the nod with Robbie getting passed over.

SALTBURN – The movie that had social media buzzing. But for some very divisive reasons. This Emerald Fennell film was a Ripley-esque Greek tragedy for the modern age and sported some very bold performances from Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi. The film also showcased some wicked satire with the help of Rosamund Pike and Richard E. Grant. However, many feel Saltburn was aiming for shock value in a sense that they felt didn’t compare to something like Poor Things, which was shown some Oscar love.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO – Leo has worked on some of the most consistently well-received movies in the latter part of his career. While collaborating with directors like Scorsese, Nolan and Tarantino, DiCaprio would get his sole Oscar win for The Revenant in the past. However, with the praise that Killers of the Flower Moon has garnered, and nominations for Scorsese, Lily Gladstone, Robert De Niro, and a Best Picture nod, one can’t help but think DiCaprio was passed over.

ANDREW SCOTT Scott’s star is rising and he has gained a legion of fans thanks to his work on the hit show, Fleabag. The film All of Us Strangers may not be up for many awards, but he was shown recognition at the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs. He may have been a dark horse contender, but the praise Scott has received for All of Us Strangers would let one to believe his nomination was in the bag.

GRETA GERWIG – When Barbie was announced, it was naturally assumed a toyline adaptation would follow in the footsteps of the G.I. Joe franchise or Transformers. It was Gerwig’s attachment that turned heads initially. Then, the Lady Bird and Little Women director delivered an unconventional comedy that both celebrated its subject as well as criticized it. Gerwig and Robbie were shocking snubs even if the odds of winning were against them.

Do you agree? Who do you think was overlooked this year? Who do you think was not deserving?

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