Renny Harlin interview covers The Bricklayer, Deep Blue Sea, & more

JoBlo’s own Chris Bumbray sat down for an interview with director Renny Harlin that covers The Bricklayer, Deep Blue Sea, and more

Earlier this month, The Bricklayer, the latest action film from Cliffhanger and The Long Kiss Goodnight director Renny Harlin, was given a theatrical, On Demand, and Digital release. We’ve previously shared interviews with the film’s stars Aaron Eckhart and Nina Dobrev, and now JoBlo’s own Chris Bumbray has sat down for an interview with Harlin himself! The primary focus of this interview is The Bricklayer, of course, but it also branches out with mentions of other Harlin projects like The Long Kiss Goodnight and Deep Blue Sea. You can check it out in the embed above.

Bumbray really enjoyed The Bricklayer, giving the film a 7/10 review you can read at THIS LINK. If you’d like to watch the movie, you can do so on Amazon.

Based on a bestselling book by former FBI agent Noah Boyd (aka Paul Lindsay), The Bricklayer has the following synopsis: A rogue insurgent is blackmailing the CIA by assassinating foreign journalists and making it appear the agency is responsible. As other nations turn against the U.S., the CIA must lure Steve Vail – their most brilliant and rebellious operative – out of retirement. With an elite and deadly skill set, Vail is tasked with helping clear the agency’s name, forcing him to confront his checkered past while unraveling an international conspiracy. Matt Johnson, Marc Moss, Pete Travis, and Hanna Weg worked on the screenplay.

Eckhart (The Dark Knight) and Dobrev (The Out-Laws) are joined in the cast by Clifton Collins Jr. (The Rules of Attraction), Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), and Ilfenesh Hadera (Baywatch).

There’s more Renny Harlin to come in 2024, as Lionsgate is preparing to release his trilogy of follow-ups to the 2008 horror film The Strangers. The Strangers: Chapter 1 is scheduled to reach theatres on May 17th, and the sequels are expected to follow close behind. Harlin is also currently in post-production on a shark thriller called Deep Water.

What did you think of our new Renny Harlin interview? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below – and if you have watched The Bricklayer, let us know what you thought of it!

The Bricklayer

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