The Boys: Chace Crawford reveals Amazon executives edited out his character’s bulge

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Chace Crawford took some initiative getting into character playing The Deep on Prime Video’s The Boys, and that included ensuring that his character’s comically large penis would be on display. However, once Amazon executives discovered what he was doing, they made sure to edit out his character’s bulge.

Back when promotion began for the first season back in 2019, fans of Chace Crawford took notice of the bulge in his character’s wetsuit. Since his character The Deep, an aquatic superhero and member of The Seven, was supposed to have a large penis, Crawford decided to wear a prosthetic penis during a promo shoot for the show and while filming certain scenes. However, Amazon executives found out about what he was going and they immediately took action. During a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia Crawford said, “[Showrunner Eric] Kripke was like, ‘We get no notes from Amazon, but the first one we got was that can’t f*cking happen, we’ve got to take that out. And we had to edit it out.”

Crawford went on to explain that the producers used CGI to carefully reduce the size of his character’s penis in scenes that he had already filmed using the prosthetic. The actor also admits that the prosthetic wasn’t just used for show, the prop was eventually supposed to be featured in the plot somehow. At the end of the day, Crawford said when the promo photos were originally released with the bulge, he received “a lot of love” and “a lot of weird DMs” in his inbox.

For a show that has done so much, it’s interesting that this is where the line was drawn. I mean, if you’ve seen the first episode of season three, you know that some very interesting things happen and the show certainly goes there so it’s surprising to see that even Amazon had a limit they weren’t willing to cross.

What are YOUR thoughts on Amazon editing out Chace Crawford’s bulge on The Boys?

Source: Daily Mail Australia

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