Trailer: Corey Feldman returns to the big screen in Corbin Nash

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Corbin Nash Corey Feldman

It was two years ago this month when we heard that Corey Feldman had signed on to play a “vicious, cross-dressing vampire” in director Ben Jagger’s CORBIN NASH. There was a time when it was being said that CORBIN NASH would be released in October of 2016, but obviously it has taken a little longer than that for the film to make it out into the world. The extra wait time has worked out, though: the distribution rights have ended up in the hands of Gravitas Ventures, who will be giving it a theatrical and VOD release on April 20th.

The fact that CORBIN NASH will be playing in some theatres is very exciting for Feldman, as this will be his first theatrically released film in over a decade.

Written by Ben Jagger, Christopher P. Taylor, and Jagger’s brother Dean S. Jagger (who also stars in the film), CORBIN NASH has the following synopsis: 

Searching a world of darkness for a truth he was never ready for, a rogue detective (Jagger) is murdered only to be reborn the ultimate killer. Embracing his destiny, vowing vengeance on all that destroyed his family; he is Corbin Nash, Demon Hunter.

Jagger and Feldman are joined in the cast by Malcolm McDowell as a character known as The Blind Prophet; Rutger Hauer as a mysterious stranger; Bruce Davison as Corbin’s conflicted stepfather Jack; Fernanda Romero as Macy, a woman searching for her kidnapped younger brother; and Richard Wagner as Vince, a character with intimate ties to Feldman’s character Queeny.

The trailer for CORBIN NASH can be seen below. If you like what it has to offer, watch for the film to reach VOD and the big screen next month.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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