Trailer introduces the demonic slasher Knucklebones

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

A trailer has arrived online for an independent production that looks like it's right up my alley, the slasher movie KNUCKLEBONES.

Written and directed by Mitch Wilson, KNUCKLEBONES has the following synopsis: 

After suffering a near-death experience, Neesa Avery has literally been to Hell and back. When she and a group of friends discover an ancient dice game hidden behind a wall in an abandoned WWII factory, they unleash the powerful demon Knucklebones. As they attempt to finish the "game" it becomes clear Knucklebones has special plans for Neesa and, having met her briefly in Hell, is saving her for last. 

The film was produced by Dirk Hagen, with Greg Homan, Judd Strecher, Bruce Agnich, Jason Duffy Klemm, and Scott Hengemuhle executive producing. The practical special effects were created by genre veteran Robert Short.

Julin Jean plays Neesa, and her co-stars include Katie Bosacki, Cameron Dean Stewart, Taylor Tippins, Justin Arnold, Mary Catherine Wells, Jason Duffy Klemm, Carrie Holland, Tom Young, Daniel Walker-Rice, and Tom Zembrod as Knucklebones.

The trailer begins with the typical "teens playing a forbidden game" set-up and segues into awesomeness when the skull-faced demon Knucklebones shows up the scene. Seeing this killer carrying around a machete and revving up a chainsaw really touches my slasher-loving heart.

The worldwide rights for KNUCKLEBONES are currently available, with Acort International representing the international sales. The North American rights have been acquired by Midnight Releasing, with a September release being targeted.

KNUCKLEBONES is described as "JUMANJI meets TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE". Yeah, I need to watch this as soon as possible.

Source: Acort International, Knucklebones Movie

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