Trailer, poster and stills from Till Kleinert’s Der Samurai

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Heading to this year's Tribeca Film Festival is the German horror film DER SAMURAI from director Till Kleinert. Today we scored all sorts of bloody goods from the flick including a look at the film's poster, some fresh new stills and a trailer. Like any good dress-wearing samurai, this crazy looking flick found a way to sneak up on us and we're glad it did because it looks pretty demented and all sorts of weird—so it's right up our alley!

Here's what it's about:

A samurai-wielding figure wearing a white dress lurks menacingly in the forest, waiting to descend upon an unsuspecting village in the muddy backwaters of rural East Germany. As heads roll with each stroke of his sword, dutiful, straight-laced cop Jakob becomes increasingly powerless to resist the draw of the Samurai’s feral otherness. The two enter into a bizarre folie à deux as Jakob is forced to confront his own carnal impulses that he has long sought to repress.

Written and directed by Till Kleinert, DER SAMURAI stars Michael Schumacher, Uwe Preuss, Pit Bukowski, and Ulrike Bliefert.


Source: Arrow in the Head

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