Trailer: Scrawl, starring Daisy Ridley, is now on iTunes

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Scrawl Peter Hearn Daisy Ridley

Before STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, actress Daisy Ridley worked on an independent horror film called SCRAWL, which was conceived by writer/director Peter Hearn as a hands-on training exercise for film students attending Andover College (the one in England, not Maine).

Described by Hearn as "BIG meets A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS by way of PHANTASM and THE EVIL DEAD", SCRAWL tells the story of 

Simon Goodman (Liam Hughes), a 16-year boy living in a rundown seaside town. With his best friend Joe Harper (Joe Daly), they create a comic book called SCRAWL as a way to escape their reality, gain some notoriety and more importantly – pick up girls. Along with the appearance of a mysterious girl, Hannah (Daisy Ridley), events in the comic book start to invade their reality and situations in the comic book come to life. At first it’s great, girls start to become interested in them, and all seems fun, except the monsters of the comic book also begin showing themselves and worse still they’ve written a huge bloody massacre. With the help of Joe’s father, Frank (Mark Forester-Evans), their friends and family, the boys are forced to face their horrific imagination made real. Are Simon and Joe able to change their reality? Only if they can rewrite death.

In addition to the actors mentioned above, the film also stars Chris Casey, Nathalie Pownall, Elizabeth Boag, Annabelle Le Gresley, Ellie Selwood, Morag Sims, and Derek Jones.

SCRAWL has played at some film festivals over the years, but it was recently picked up by Wild Eye Releasing and is now available to watch through iTunes.

I might watch SCRAWL soon myself. The presence of Ridley in the cast has me interested in it, and I like the basic idea of the story. Give the trailer a look and see if this is something you'd like to watch:

Scrawl Peter Hearn

Source: Arrow in the Head, DailyDead

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