Vernon Wells hunts a monstrous bear in Fear of the Woods trailer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A trailer has arrived online for a new "nature run amok" horror film that looks very cool, writer/director Titus Paar's FEAR OF THE WOODS. This one pits '80s icon Vernon Wells (THE ROAD WARRIOR, COMMANDO) against a monstrous, man-eating bear that was brought to the screen entirely through old school, practical effects work.

The story: 

Alaska 1993. A snowstorm has trapped the small mountain town. Now it's up to a group of rebellious teenagers to save their town, which doesn't believe in monsters. 

Wells is joined in the cast by Ralf Beck, Christian Arnold, and an awesome animatronic bear.

Described as "JAWS meets Stranger Things and Silver Fang", FEAR OF THE WOODS was filmed in Sweden and produced by Hammarström Agency and Paar Productions AB.

The trailer can be seen above, and below we have an image of the giant bear Wells has to face off with in the film. We'll keep you updated on FEAR OF THE WOODS as it heads toward distribution.

Fear of the Woods Titus Paar

Source: Arrow in the Head, Facebook

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