Interview: Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Denis Villeneuve and Stellan Skarsgard Talk Dune 2

We talk with Denis Villeneuve, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, and Rebecca Ferguson about the epic continuation, Dune: Part 2

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

The first time I saw Denis Villeneuve‘s take on Frank Herbert’s Dune, I was mesmerized. Going to the cinema and finding yourself lost in the story, you know they’ve succeeded. You can see from our own Chris Bumbray’s take on Dune: Part 2, the second installment does not disappoint. It is a bold and thrilling new chapter in Villeneuve’s three part series. The new film features an incredible ensemble including newcomers to the story, Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, and Christopher Walken. The visual effects, the brilliant story, and the on-screen talent all add to something truly special.

I loved Dune: Part 2 and I was thrilled to cover the second installation as it’s a world I highly enjoy visiting. First up, we sat down with Dave Bautista. The actor continues to impress me. Every time we speak, his commitment to the craft is incredible. And it shows. He opened up about taking on the role of Beast Rabban, and how he has approached the character. It is always wonderful to speak to this fine performer.

Next up, it was an honor to speak to the great Stellan Skarsgård. He opened up about creating this villain and working with Villeneuve. He discussed working under the make-up and bringing a bit of humanity to the powerful role. The way he talked about the film and the respect he has for Denis’ work makes it clear why these films work so well.

Denis Villeneuve has become one of my favorite filmmakers. The man behind Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 has brought the incredible text from Herbert to life in a fantastical way. He may not be known as a franchise director, he sees the world of Dune as something unique and atypical when it comes to blockbusters. He has succeeded marvelously thus far.

One of the best performances in the new film is from the talented Rebecca Ferguson. With all the other talent interviews in-person, they had Ms. Ferguson set up for virtual interviews. This made for a fun interaction. As I sat down at the other end of the Zoom call, Rebecca claimed she thought I had a certain resemblance to Mr. Villeneuve. I’ll take it. And yes, this wonderful actress was incredibly kind to speak with. She discussed bringing Jessica to a whole new level in the latest chapter, and what a performance she gives.

Dune: Part 2 opens this Friday in theatres. And yes, it’s worth seeing on the biggest and best screen available.


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