Adam Scott is the stepfather to the son of Satan in the Little Evil trailer

Entering into a new and meaningful relationship can sometimes become an arduous but worth while task. You hope for the very best, of course, though every now and again, you're faced with at least a few major hurdles to overcome before you can truly settle down. Unfortunately for Adam Scott, he's about to discover that his wife, Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), might be the mother of the Antichrist. Woof, that's a rough deal, Adam, much worse than when that sports complex you invested in bankrupted the city of Partridge, Minnesota. Yeah, we make the deep PARKS AND RECREATION cuts here at JoBlo, you're wlecome.

From writer-director Eli Craig (TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL) comes LITTLE EVIL, a film that a fellow co-worker of mine described as THE OMEN meets PROBLEM CHILD. After watching the trailer, I think he's hit the nail on the head in regard to his description. Craig's new film, which will make its debut via Netflix on September 1st, is a comedic horror film that's bound to possess you with laughter and perhaps make you even more untrustworthy toward demonic-looking youngsters.

Adam Scott will take one for nervous new father figures above and below when LITTLE EVIL conjures itself onto Netflix starting on September 1st

Extra Tidbit: I could swear that I've met at least 6 hellspawns in my day. The thing is that I don't have the heart to tell my friends that I believe their child was born from dark intent.
Source: JoBlo



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