New trailer for Lights Out wants you afraid of the dark

lights out

I have been hearing nothing but fantastic things about LIGHTS OUT from those who have had the distinct pleasure of seeing it early, and the latest trailer Warner Bros. has dropped on us today offers up support for all that high praise. 

Directed by David F. Sandberg in his feature film debut, the film is an expansion of his 2013 short that caught the eye of producer James Wan. While we've gotten the basic premise of the film before - there's a creepy woman who lurks in the dark and has bad intentions towards those she encounters - this is the first time we've been introduced to Maria Bello as mom to Teresa Palmer and young Gabriel Bateman. This lady is clearly losing it and has fallen under the spell of this evil spirit that most likely wants more than to be a roommate for the purposes of keeping expenses down. 

LIGHTS OUT gives Warner Bros. another shot at a horror hit during the summer months when the genre has scarce offerings. However, based on the business THE CONJURING 2 is doing for the studio, this seems like a smart play with LIGHTS OUT's placement on the release date calendar for July 22.


Source: Warner Bros.



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