SDCC: Fear the Walking Dead trailer plus Kirkman talks TWD connections

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

As you all know the SDCC is rocking and rolling so we're going to be hitting you with mucho new news this week. And speaking of which, this just in, THE WALKING DEAD creator Robert Kirkman talked to the convention and dropped so cool new stuff.

Not only do we have an all-new trailer for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD for you guys to check out (below) we also have a bit of new info on the possibility of the two worlds of TWD connecting in a real way down the line.

More specifically, Kirkman was talking to the SDCC audience today and someone asked about the possibility of connecting the world of FTWD with TWD and Kirkman seemed open to the idea:

We'd love to try to work out. The Fans would love it, and it's something we'd love to try to do eventually.

What do you think of a real, true connection set up between FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and THE WALKING DEAD? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 is currently airing on AMC and THE WALKING DEAD Season 8 is set to premiere October 22nd!

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